Dr Chris Smart in Hemp Field
Image by Laura Hunsberger

Dr. Chris Smart at the Industrial Hemp Field Day, August 2017

Hemp farming act

April 12, 2018, Senator Mitch McConnell Introduces the Hemp Farming Act

Cross section 57 day old industrial hemp

Industrial Hemp Cross Section at 57 days

industrial hemp grain harvest, Ithaca 2017

Industrial Hemp Grain Harvest, Ithaca 2017

Industrial Hemp

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on April 2, 2018 more than 60 new farms and businesses have received research permits under the State's Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot program. These new research partners expand across the state, including seven counties in the Southern Tier, and will focus their studies in biotechnology and agronomics, among other areas. Additionally, for the first time, applications for future research partners in the areas of food and fiber will now be accepted on a continuous basis.

"There is a renewed interest in industrial hemp production and processing throughout the country, and with our strong grower community and innovative researchers, New York is in a great position to lead," Governor Cuomo said. "By providing an alternative crop for our farmers, industrial hemp has the potential to change the landscape of our agricultural economy, create jobs and drive growth across the Southern Tier and throughout New York."



On February 27, 2019, USDA issued a Notice to Trade stating that USDA had begun the process of gathering information to initiate rulemaking to implement this program. It is USDA’s goal to issue regulations in the fall of 2019 to accommodate the 2020 planting season. As required by law, USDA is committed to completing its review of plans within 60 days, once regulations are effective.

During the 2019 planting season, the 2018 Farm Bill directs that states, tribes and institutions of higher education may continue operating under authorities of the 2014 Farm Bill until 12 months after USDA establishes the plan and regulations required under the 2018 Farm Bill.

To view the webinar on the 2018 Farm Bill Webinar (Recorded) on the Domestic Hemp Production Program and Comments, click https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/farmbill-hemp.


Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County is seeking a qualified consultant to develop an Economic Development Plan for Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties, New York. The project is funded through a federal grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).

The purpose of the Industrial Hemp Initiative is to develop and implement an economic development strategy that establishes the tri-county region of Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties as a cluster economy centered around industrial hemp.

This project will identify the conditions needed for successful growing, processing and marketing of products derived from industrial hemp produced in the Southern Tier West (STW) Region of New York.This resulting compilation of information and strategy will assist agricultural producers, processors and light industry in developing industrial hemp into a successful venture. The economic impact on the tri-county region will be substantial by supporting sustainable agriculture, generating industry, and creating jobs.

Please click here to see  RFP for details.

Last updated April 29, 2022