Produced in NY Cooking Demonstration

Produced in NY 2016Produced in New York (PiNY) is designed to showcase the wide variety and use of agricultural products grown in New York State.  This event is a great opportunity for youth to demonstrate their food preparation skills while promoting a tasty recipe that showcases New York State food products. At the State level, PiNY is a 'silent demonstration' but feel free to bring out your inner Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray if that makes you more comfortable at the county level.  Throwing out a fun fact about your techniques or ingredients could spice things up, but you do not have to talk at all.

Recipe Selection:

  • Recipes must feature an ingredient that is produced in New York State (milk products, maple syrup, grains, apples, honey, meat, vegetables etc.)
  • Originality - Creativity and imagination makes foods appealing and tasty.  Recipes can be from a cookbook, a family recipe, Pinterest or your own variation.  You may be asked to explain your 'statement of origin' (on your Menu Planning Fillable Sheet ), as well as any changes made.
  • Participants are encouraged to use recipes with lower amounts of sugar, fat, sodium, and increased amounts of fiber and complex carbohydrates.


Participants are expected to furnish all supplies and equipment needed to prepare and serve their product including trays, extension cords, pot holders etc.  Ranges, ovens and refrigerators are not available.  Participants should plan accordingly.  Hot plates, griddles, crock pots, skillets etc. are welcomed. If you have a product that requires baking, have that already completed and produce it "through the magic of television." Make sure you take measures to keep your product at appropriate food safety temperatures.


  • The time allotment is 30-40 minutes,  Participants will utilize their time depending upon the complexity of their recipe.
  • Participants should demonstrate a variety of skill (i.e. measuring a liquid, knife skills, cracking and egg, kneading, whisking, etc.)
  • Once the presentation is complete, participants are asked to present the evaluator/judge with a sample.  This is a great time to add points for creative plating and presentation to the evaluator.  The use of matching or themed plates, utensils and placemats that compliment the end product also adds to the presentation.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Recipe: Complete and easy to follow; features a NY grown/produced product; nutritional quality of recipe.
  • Finished Product: Overall appearance, taste, consistency and/or texture.
  • Demonstrator: Appearance, poise/ability to deal with unexpected challenges/glitches.
  • Preparation:  Organization (orderly plan of work and placement of equipment); technique and manual skill (appropriate techniques, skillfully done, variety of demonstration techniques, correct use of equipment).
  • Work Area and Results:  Work area complete, manipulation in full view of audience.

Helpful Information and Registration forms:

Helpful Tips for Produced in New York

2023 PINY Registration Form Fillable

Menu Planning Sheet Fillable
Recipe Booklet for PINY 2023

Last updated November 9, 2023