Jake Paradisin, age 7, shares his public presentation on "How to Draw a Dragon" at a Namaste Friends 4-H Club Meeting , 2010
Image by Bridgid Beames

Youth, aged 7, presents "How to Draw a Dragon" at a 4-H Club meeting.

4-H Public Presentations

4-H Public Presentations is a program in which youth learn to create a presentation and develop the skills needed to present it before an audience. They learn about the research process and the steps needed to organize information into an interesting and creative presentation.

Youth learn about the varied purposes of presentations and how to tailor their presentations appropriately to fit their intentions. Beginners are encouraged to select simple topics with which they are extremely comfortable, so that the presentation process is the focus of their learning without the stress of learning about an unfamiliar topic.

As youth progress and grow each year, they are challenged to try one of the more difficult types of presentations, to use more advanced technology in their presentations where appropriate, and to venture into unfamiliar topics or presentation styles.

For details on formulating a Public Presentation, please see: Public Presentation Guidelines

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