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Commercial Flower Growers Meeting

  • Thursday, April 6, 2023, 4:45 PM - 7:00 PM

This hands-on meeting will cover both insect and plant nutrient challenges for high tunnel flower production. Free to attend, however, RSVP requested by April 3rd to assure handouts materials available. Contact Lynn Bliven at

Insect Diagnostics & Biological Controls with Dr. Elizabeth Lamb,

NYS Integrated Pest Management Program.Knowing what you are looking at is essential for good diagnosis of insect and disease pests of ornamentals and knowing how to use methods of magnification makes that much easier.After a discussion of what options are available, we’ll use hand lenses to get a good look at the plants and any pests we might find in the greenhouse.

Biological control is being used successfully to control some of the insect in many ornamental greenhouses. We’ll have examples of beneficial insects to look at as well as a discussion of what each type can be used to control and how to apply them.

Diagnosing Plant Nutrient Disorders with Neil Mattson, Greenhouse Extension Specialist.Plants require 13 different essential elements (such as nitrogen, potassium, and iron) to grow properly. We will review visual symptoms of common nutrient disorders and how to help determine the cause using pH and electrical conductivity (EC) meters. pH is a measure of how acidic or basic the root-zone is and this effects nutrient availability. EC is a measure of all the fertilizer and non-fertilizer salts in the root-zone and is a good way to determine if the plants are getting enough fertilizer or if there are too many salts. We will do hands-on testing of root-zone pH and EC using handheld meters. We will also discuss dividing plants into fertility groups based on pH and EC requirements.


Lynn Bliven
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