Upper Susquehanna Coalition Pasture Management Schools

  • Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Featuring nationally renowned, pasture consultant, farmer and author, Sarah Flack

Hosted at Greg Halich Farm, 6962 CR 2, Addison, NY 14801 - Held Rain or Shine in the field, please dress appropriately.

A donation lunch featuring homemade fare will be available. These hands-on pasture walks will focus on improving marginal pastures, how to plan out your rotations, early season grazing approaches, determining the best time to graze plants, fertility management, animal impact grazing techniques, weather related management strategies and in-field farmer training exercises to hone your grazier’s eye.

The hosting families raise dairy animals, sheep, beef, horses and have multi-species grazing operations on less than stellar soils with limited fertility added. The goals are to use pasture management and grazing techniques to nourish the soil, plants, animals, people and create wealth using the tools at hand, including the mind. Expect fruitful dialogues, reality-based decision-making and networking with peers.

Pre-registration is required to help plan for lunch and logistics To reserve your place for this unique early season grazing event please contact: Jonathon Barter, Steuben SWCD at (607) 776-7398 Ext. 3.


Lynn Bliven
Ag & Natural Resources Issue Leader
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