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Record meat supplies in 2020

According to Dr. Derrell Peel, OK State Livestock Marketing Specialist, meat production will be up compared to 2019. The perceived shortage is do to logistical transportation challenges of getting meat to grocery stores as people stockpile. The second issue is that retails meat sales are up 77% compared to the same time a year ago. Most of this has come out of food service and restaurant trade. Switching from what restaurants demand (middle meats) to what retail demands (ground beef and more of the end cuts) takes time for the supply chain to adjust. Read Dr. Peel’s complete article here.

  • Essential businesses and employees. Interim guidance issued by Ag and Markets

Interim Guidance for Animal Care Operations release from New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets on March 22, 2020. Guidelines.

This guidance is provided for animal agriculture workers to include those employed in veterinary health; manufacturing and distribution of animal medical materials and supplies, animal vaccines, animal drugs, feed, and bedding, etc.; raising of animals; animal production operations; transportation of live animals, animal medical supplies; transportation of deceased animals for disposal; livestock markets, including live bird markets, slaughter and packing plants. It also includes equine operations and companion animal/pet stores and shelters; veterinary services for equine, companion animal and other businesses considered essential; and related support/service operations.

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