Friendship Visit
Image by Fileve Palmer

Officer Ivers volunteers for Job & Life Skills Boot Camp.

Visit from Under Sheriff to local school for Job & Life Skills Boot Camp
Image by Fileve Palmer

Undersheriff Kevin Monroe delivering his elevator speech to local high school students.

Dra. Fileve Palmer begins the conversation with Allegany youth about job and life skills
Image by Laura Hunsberger

Dra. Fileve Palmer begins the conversation about Job and Life Skills.

Volunteers at Friendship Central School
Image by Laura Hunsberger

Dra. Fileve Palmer and Mr. Nathan Adamec (Alfred State College Financial Planning Student) posing after completing a successful Job & Life Skills Boot Camp session.

Whitesville Seniors learning to de-stress
Image by Krista Humbert

Whitesville juniors reaching for the stars with Job and Life Skills Boot Camp

Whitesville, NY sophomores completing resumes.
Image by Krista Humbert

Adulting Boot Camp

The program was designed to give students "a leg up" on seeking and retaining employment, as well as building necessary life skills to balance home/life. Beyond that, the information is easily transferable to high school success as well as pursuing higher education (if that is their goal).

The program seeks to build community networking opportunities between students and business professionals around Allegany County as well as with Alfred State administrators and current students. 

A pilot program, tested out the curriculum during the summer, and had a great turnout. The students had an average of a 47% increase in knowledge over the course of the program. They learned skill identification and assessment, resume creation and each wrote a cover letter. Individual interviews were conducted for actual jobs and they even learned to prepare 3 meals.

We have reached over 100 Allegany youth since the program was adopted by 3 schools starting in Novemeber.

Below is a "menu" of topics schools have to choose from.

Day 1

Introduction to Finding a Good Job

Employer’s Expectations

Identify Your Skills

Document Your Education, Experience, and

References (this will be done as ‘homework’ with a partner, friend or family member)

Finding Job Leads

Making Direct Contact with Employers

Day 2

Writing a Great Cover Letter

Writing an Effective Resume

Filling out Job Applications

Day 3

Interviewing Skills and Other Important

Tips on Professionalism

(This includes: You’re Wearing What? Leave Your Phone in the Car! and The Importance of a Good Handshake)

Day 4

Tips to Survive and Get Ahead on a New


Day 5

Financial Management and Budgeting

Otherwise Known As: Now You Have a Paycheck! How to Keep as Much as You Can!

Last updated August 29, 2019