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Recyclables Benefit CCE!

We are now able to accept your bottle and can returns at the Redemption Center in Wellsville located at 69 West Hanover Street (https://www.wellsvilleredemptioncenter.com). Let them know you want your returns donated to Cooperative Extension!*

 You do not have to return your cans/bottles where you buy them, you do not have to deal with any limits on the number of cans/bottles you return and you do not have to wait for machines or wait in line to be paid or to donate your proceeds to CCE!

To Speed Things Up

• Separate your plastic, cans and glass bottles. • Do not put your glass in plastic bags - they bang together and break. • Please use large plastic bags - ten small bags take longer to open than one large bag. • Please! No garbage or bugs. • If you need large bags or boxes for glass they will provide you with them.

No Limit

There is no limit to the number of returnable cans/bottles you can return at one time. We accept all brands and sizes of New York State returnable cans/bottles.

If you bring in large amounts frequently or are in a hurry, call ahead and make an appointment for your drop-off.

One Time Bottle Drive

A one-time bottle drive is a fast, easy way to raise money for your organization. For example, if a 4-H Club has 40 members, and each collects about 100 bottles or cans from 5 friends or family members, they will collect 20,000 containers and the troop will receive $1,000.

Please contact John Steiner at (585) 593-1054 to set-up your fundraiser today! All fundraisers require a 10-day notification.

*All donations benefit Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County educaigtonal  programming and associated costs.